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Client Generator Terms & Conditions

In addition to the general Terms of Service covering the use of Here To Help You Inc.'s websites and services, the following terms are applicable to the Client Generator service.

By purchasing the Client Generator service you are stating that you are at least 18 years old or a minor whose parent is allowing You to use our site, and that you agree with Here To Help You Inc. ("us", "we", "our" or "Here To Help You Inc.") to the following Terms. If you do not agree with the Terms then you should not use or access this site. "You" refers to you, the user, together with any company or other business entity you are representing.

The Client Generator is a subscription service for which there is a monthly charge. Billing begins upon subscription to the service. We cannot begin developing your Client Generator website until you've completed all fields in the "Information Gathering" pages and have pressed the "Submit All" button to notify us that you have filled in all required fields to your liking. All fields in the Information Gathering process must be completed. If a field is not applicable you will indicate this by typing "not applicable" or "N/A" in that field. You will not have the ability to submit information for development until all fields are completed.

After submission of your information, up to ten full calendar days are required for the development of your site. These ten days along with the time you require submitting your information to us is considered part of your subscription period.

You will be notified when development of your Client Generator website is complete. You will proof your site and submit any requested changes to Here To Help You Inc. Five full calendar days are needed to make requested changes. We will accommodate your requests as much as possible, but requested changes will be made at our discretion taking into consideration search engine optimization and direct response marketing mechanisms. Once changes are made your website will be considered "Live" and will be available on the Internet for viewing.

It is your responsibility to be informed about any laws or regulations governing your business and it is your responsibility to inform us if anything on the site, content or otherwise, contravenes any associated laws and regulations that govern your business. We will make changes on your site to comply with those laws or regulations in a timely manner.

We have right to add an active link to website in footer of your Client Generator website. Some content and images on your Client Generator website are static and cannot be modified. Other elements such as the website template, business hours, and fees are dynamic and can be changed within your Client Generator administrative interface. Once your site is "Live" there will be a nominal fee for any requested updates to the content. The current fee structured can be accessed through your Client Generator administrative interface and updates can be purchased from there.

The body copy or text on your Client Generator website is copyrighted and cannot be used in whole or part on any website not owned by Here To Help You Inc.

A domain name will be purchased by Here to Help You Inc. and will be associated with your website. You do not maintain ownership to the domain name (URL) associated with your Client Generator website and ownership is not transferred to you upon cancellation of service.

As part of the Client Generator service Here to Help You Inc. will send out two emails monthly to your "newsletter subscribers", people who have opted to receive emails from you through the Client Generator service. Although we take many measures to ensure deliverability, we cannot guarantee that newsletter subscribers will receive email due to ISP email filtering, subscriber filtering of email, issues with Here To Help You Inc.'s mail servers, or other factors that are beyond our control.

The newsletters are typically sent on the 1st and 15th of every month and you may add your content to these emails through your Client Generator administrative interface. Note that the content that is not deleted or changed will appear in the next monthly send of the email.

To maintain the integrity of our servers, to help ensure deliverability of email for you and other subscribers, and to protect the privacy of newsletter subscribers you do not have access to subscriber email or contact information. However, you may contact any subscriber through the online contact system within your Client Generator administrative interface.

You may add newsletter subscribers through your Client Generator administrative interface. However, people who do not confirm their subscription (opt-in) will not receive your newsletter.

Newsletter subscribers can stop the delivery of emails by clicking an unsubscribe link that will appear in the footer of every email sent. After unsubscribing, they will be removed from the newsletter subscriber database and will no longer receive your Client Generator emails.

If you delete a newsletter subscriber through your administrative interface, that subscriber record is removed from the system and their data cannot be restored. The newsletter subscriber can however re-subscribe. We will remove newsletter subscribers from your account when the subscribers' emails are consistently returned as undeliverable.

You may at any time cancel your subscription to the Client Generator service. There will be no refunds for days remaining in the prepaid subscription period.

You are responsible for maintaining current payment method information with PayPal, our payment processor. You must log into your PayPal account to make any needed updates. We suggest a back up payment method, such as a bank account, in the event your current payment method fails.

With failed transactions, you will be notified by PayPal. After the second notice, three days following the failed transaction, your Client Generator service is deactivated and your Client Generator is no longer available online. Failure to pay by the third notice which occurs seven days after the failed payment will result in cancellation of your Client Generator subscription.

After cancellation due to a failed payment, you have seven days to contact us to arrange reactivation of your Client Generator service and to pay a reactivation fee of $100.

If you cancel your Client Generator service or if it is not reactivated within the prescribed timeframe after a failed transaction, your Client Generator will be made available for a new subscriber. Your newsletter subscribers are removed from the system and will not be exported and will not be carried over to anyone subscribing to Client Generator related to your city or the related domain.

We are not responsible for any losses or costs associated with the cancellation of your Client Generator service.

Last updated: November 6, 2008

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