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30 Website Builder Features

More features than any other website builder available at no extra charge.

Check out these important features that any business website needs.

How much will these cost you?

Nothing! All these incredible features are included in your monthly subscription fee. It would cost hundreds of dollars to get access to these types of tools, but we've built them right into the Here to Help You website builder for you. Take a look at this quick summary or scroll below for screenshots and videos...

Thousands Of Dollars Of Vital Website Features Included Free With Every Site!

Visitor Auto-Responders
Give your visitors the info they want when they want it. Auto-responders send your visitors info immediately after they request it on your site.
Search Engine Registration
Once your site is done, we'll register it with the search engines so the world can find you.
About Us Page
Tell your visitors who you are and why they should do business with you.
Visitor Feedback Forms
Feedback forms allow you to collect visitor info or give your visitors a way to request info from you.
Business Email
Send email with your site name in the address. Avoid the embarrassment of free services (, that scream "amateur".
Online Coupons
Promote online sales or drive online traffic to your offline store with website coupons.
Customer Newsletters
This great tool gives you the ability to publish your own email newsletter just like the big sites do.
Your Own Domain Name
Pick the website name and internet address for your site. Increase your pro look and get your own name ( and transfer it to your site.
Message Boards
Communicate with your visitors, customers, staff and friends with full featured message boards.
Subscriber Management
Never worry about spam; all newsletter requests go into an opt in system which confirms subscription.
Website Memberships
Allow staff, clients or a membership base into a private "members only" areas of your site.
Always know what your customers are thinking with your own custom online polls.
If you have a product you sell either offline or online, show it off in your site’s catalog section.
Photo Albums
Show off pictures of your work, business, products and team, professionally in an online photo album.
Guest Book
Give your visitors a place to share their comments about your site with this great guest book feature.
Shopping Cart
Let your site run on autopilot. The shopping cart feature is perfect for any business that sells online.
Give your visitors a map to your office or business.
Press Releases
Publish and share good news in one central organized area. This is a favorite of the media!
Have your customers pay online or submit their order so you can process it manually in your store.
Links Page
Provide as many links as you want to other sites you think your visitors would find valuable.
Quotes Page
Show off the great things your customers have to say about you. Give new customers a reason to buy.
Order Tracking
Don’t ever lose track of a sale. All orders are emailed directly to you and then tracked on your site.
Contact Us Page
Tell your visitors how to get a hold of you and your team.
Customizable Web Pages
You can have virtually any other web page you need added to your site with the easy to use layouts.
Secure Server Certificates
Your site’s transactions are secure and protected with secure certificates that protect customer info.

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Web Page

Choose between a variety of layouts and change or update your pages anytime using a simple Word-style editor.

Links Page

You can add links to pages both inside and outside your site with just a few clicks.

Add headings to separate groups of links
Add images for each link

Photo Albums

Easily showcase your photos. Your photos are shown in thumbnail form and when clicked on show the photo in full size with optional title and description.

Thumbnails are created automatically for you
Change the order of your photos anytime


You can upload music, video, flash and other files to your site with just a few clicks.

Upload almost any file format
Have video or flash play right on your page
Create a page of links to download songs or video
Good for upload of ebooks, pdf forms and manuals

Custom Feedback Form

Collect visitor feedback, collect testimonials privately or generate ideas for your company or organization.

All types of feedback are possible:

Text boxes for written out answers
Multiple choice
Drop-down menus
Checkmark boxes
Submissions can be emailed to you automatically when received
A personalized email can be automatically sent when a submission is received
Submissions are stored in a database on your website for easy access

Contacts Page

List the people in your organization along with their name, position/department, email and any other info you think is important.

Helps direct visitors to the correct person or department
Contacts are automatically formatted for you

Guest Book

You can collect comments about your site with this page. It's an easy way to get customer testimonials.

Recommend Site

Make it easy for visitors to refer others to your website with this "refer a friend" tool.

Message Board

Message boards are great for discussing different topics, keeping customers up-to-date. Perfect for developing a membership area.

Anyone can post or you can require a member login
Members have their own profiles and signatures
Give Moderator status to a member to help you manage the discussions
You have full control: You can add, edit and delete posts or message threads

Mailing List/Newsletter

Keep in contact with your customers by email. Broadcast notices or newsletters to all your subscribers at the click of a button. Once you create a newsletter, it is automatically archived for future reference.

Questions and Answers Page

Save time on customer support. An FAQ page that answers customers most common questions gives them immediate satisfaction and saves you hours on the phone repeating the same information.

Redirect Page

You can link your site to pages outside your site right from your index. This is helpful when you wish to link to your company's parent site, a related site or an affiliate program.

Autoresponder Page

You can use this page to send out instruction guides and other material immediately after collecting an email. Emails are stored on your site so you can send promotional material to your visitors later.


A calendar can be a helpful way to outline upcoming events. When an event is clicked on, more detailed info is shown about the event.

Advertise in-store or company events
For reservations, show booked off days
Display your club or organization's events and meetings

Articles Page

You can post several articles that will be automatically formatted on the page.

Publish a series of articles or journal entries
Use this page to post announcements


Entice customers to your physical store. Create coupons that your visitors can print out and bring to your store.

Add your own images and text to each coupon


Enter your address and a link to a map is automatically generated which you can post right on your page.

Quotes Page

Display testimonials from your customers or showcase your favourite quotes or poems on your page.

Polling Booth

To collect votes on various issues, you can add a poll that displays results in a bar graph. Hours of Operation

Display your business hours conveniently for your customers' reference.

Hours of Operation

You can display your business hours conveniently for your customers.

Table of Contents

You can show a listing of your pages in the index.

Press Releases

You can publish press releases that will be automatically formatted on the page. Great for company announcements.

Shopping Cart:

3 Catalog Layouts

Sell products and services directly from your site. Your products are listed as thumbnails and/or links that can be clicked on to show more details and your cart buttons.

Add up to 3 images per product
Add up to 3 drop-down menus and 1 comment box per product
Space for 500 products with the option to add additional products for only $1 per 50 products

Integrated Shopping Cart

Collect payments electronically from your site. You can also add taxes and shipping and handling to your order subtotals. You can use a variety of payment processors including PayPal.

VeriSign Secure Certified

Instil confidence in buyers with our VeriSign Secure Certified cart. Your customers can purchase your products worry-free.

Your cart displays your VeriSign Logo on the checkout pages and you save $500 by not having to buy your own secure certificate.

Other Features:

Text Editors

You can easily edit and format your web pages with familiar, easy-to-use web editors. Use the editor that suits your level of technical knowledge, from ones that look like simple word processors to a sophisticated one that allows you to customize the code, whether it's html or javascript. You can switch back and forth between editors at the click of a button.

Template Builder

Choose from over 1,500 pre-formatted templates to find a professional look that suits your business. You don't need to know anything about html programming. Just click a button and your entire website is updated instantly.

You can change your template anytime at the click of a button or customize the look of your website with your own images, color choices and more.

Take a look at what's possible.


Your site comes with 5 emails that reflect your web address. Add additional emails for just $1 each so that each staff member has their own email.

Stock Photos

You get access to over 2000 stock photos that you can use to enhance your site.

Domain Name

You get a FREE domain name in the format

However, you can easily set up your own domain name (e.g. for your site.

Click Here to see how easy it is to get your own domain name without in it.

Password Protection

You can password protect single pages, groups of pages or your whole site.

Manage all your passwords on one handy page
Give wholesalers access to special prices
Give staff or members access to special pages


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